Thursday, May 23, 2013

Help, I Need a Scholarship!

What is a Scholarship?
Scholarships are FREE money used for tuition, fees, and living expenses. Scholarships are money that does not have to be repaid. Scholarships are available for almost every type of post-secondary study including vocational, technical, community college, college and university, and also for graduate studies. Scholarships also come in the form of grants, work study, internships, allowances, graduate assistantships, and fellowships. The problem is that most students fail to properly organize the materials necessary to apply for these scholarships.
Create an account on and join the FREE Five Step Mini Course for High School or College Students, which are instructional e-courses to assist you to organize everything needed to successfully apply to college and for scholarships!

The secret behind June McBride’s success is the organizational method and portfolio plan. These tools help students easily put together the necessary materials quickly and efficiently so the applications can be completed. Path to Scholarships® teaches a simple organizational portfolio method that includes reproducible worksheets and directional guides. This practical workbook is easy to read. It is written precisely and to the point so anyone can follow the directions easily.
Now students have the opportunity to organize a Path to Scholarships® online e-portfolio on at no charge! Path to Scholarships® Career, College, and Scholarships Planning e-Portfolio has been developed for you as an easy to follow e-course.
Path to Scholarships® is NOT just about information, facts, and scholarships. It is the vehicle that motivates and inspires students to dream great dreams and to plan and prepare for college and scholarships. It is a career, college, and scholarship planning guide that empowers students with checklists, planning forms, and organizational tools that assist students to reach their dream of college.
Free Resources, Tools, and Support for College and Scholarships on
Be matched to scholarships and learn how to successfully apply to college and for scholarships with the FREE Path to Scholarships® Five-Step Mini Courses for High School and College Students. 

Edudaris® Works in Three Easy Steps
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  2. Update your profile to 100% to automatically be matched to as many OFFERS, as possible, which include scholarships!
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