Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dynamic Inspirational Summer Programs!

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Design and plan an amazing quality summer program that builds dreams and gives hope to ALL students while developing academic reading and writing competencies through the Path to Scholarships® Program and Book Series, which emphasizes career, college, and scholarship readiness.

Summer Program Implementation Ideas

What is the Path to Scholarships® Program?

The Path to Scholarships® Program and Book Series aligned to the Common Core Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills are designed around a comprehensive English/ESOL curriculum, which emphasizes reading, writing, critical thinking, and reasoning for students in grades 4 – college, which also incorporates metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective learning strategies. Integrated within this English/ESOL curriculum are character and health education with career, college, and scholarship readiness.

The Path to Scholarships® Program, Book Series, and motivates and inspires students to Dare to Dream Great Dreams with 5 Steps, thus reducing the dropout rate, increasing the graduation rate, and empowering educators, parents, and students with ALL the tools to reach their dream of college with money to pay for their dream!

June Pichardo-McBride, M.A. is the founder of the Path to Scholarships® Career and College Readiness with Scholarship Planning Program, which has a primary focus on at-risk youth and dropout prevention. Additionally, she is the author of the Path to Scholarships® Book Series and 

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