Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Demonstrating Leadership and Commitment to Community Service Can Make the Difference!

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For a student with a lower GPA or one who is unable to demonstrate financial need, there are many scholarships based solely on community service, leadership and/or merit (GPA and/or SAT/ACT score). This is my answer to parents who say, “My child will never receive a scholarship because we make too much money,” or, “My child is not an honor student or a minority.”
It is true that many scholarships and federal financial aid packages are need-based: calculated from the student’s and parents’ income from the previous year. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of finding and applying to the scholarships for which you qualify.
Many students know that their family income will not qualify them for financial need-based scholarships or federal financial aid. They need to begin immediately establishing the foundations (as addressed in the workbook) for the profile that would qualify them for a community service, leadership, faith-based, and/or merit-based scholarship. 

High School Student Leadership: How to Stand Out in Your College Applications  http://bit.ly/1708mLQ  

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  2. When I was applying for this scholarship, I didn't know what to write and what to choose. I find your blog posts very informative, I found here everything I was looking for.

  3. Your ACT score is great, but unfortunately your GPA isn't high enough to be seriously considered for top tier schools. Admissions officers like to see consistency in your work, and your ACT scores are telling them you are really smart but combined with your GPA, it says you don't try hard enough to get good grades. This may or may not be true for you personally.

    I used to work in graduate admissions at my university's social work department, and the GPA is very important. Many college don't even ask for GRE scores anymore.

    You can calculate your calculations through this Rutgers GPA Calculator.The standard requirement for most graduate programs is a 3.0, with the reasoning that since you must maintain a 3.0 to get the master's degree, you need to prove you can attain that level. And, although colleges look at many factors, most of them use GPA as the most heavily weighted, since studies have shown that the best indicator of academic performance, is previous academic performance. So, if someone can't maintain a 3.0 in undergraduate education, the college admission committee reasons that they probably can't maintain one in a harder master's level program.

    Sometimes someone with a 2.8 or 2.9 with unusual circumstances or great accomplishment in their field can get in, but not a recent grad with a poor GPA.