Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where Can a Student Find Information about Local Community Service Opportunities?

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Students can find information about local community service opportunities from their school counselor, advisors, club sponsors, coaches, teachers, parents, pastors, cable television station, newspaper, radio and the Internet. Go to www.UnitedWay.org and www.VolunteerMatch.org to learn more about community service opportunities in your community by inputting your zip code.

Where and How Can a Student Participate in Community Service?
Students can begin community service right in their own neighborhoods where they live, in their church and the school they attend.
Volunteers are needed at the public library, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, elementary, middle, high schools, Girls and Boys Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, children and adult day care centers, recreation centers, sports complexes, sports teams, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, homeless shelters, Teen Court, school service clubs, Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, and animal shelters. Some volunteer jobs that may be available for students: a youth sports coach, bilingual interpreter, adopt a grandparent, collecting food, gifts, and personal care items for the holidays, sorting, packing, and/or delivering food boxes for the holidays, preparing and serving food, sorting donations for a non-profit organization, tutoring elementary or middle school students, caring for children, planning recreational activities, serving as a camp counselor, serving as a short-term missionary in another country, working as a mentor or an animal trainer.
Other activities like visiting elderly shut-ins, preparing meals for shelters and/or shut-ins, host or participate in drives (clothing, food, diapers, etc.), perform for the community, clean (street, highway, neighborhood, park, school, etc.) tutor, volunteer at a food pantry, animal shelter, or perform yard work for neighbors in need, are great ways to impact the community.
How Does a Student Document Community Service?
Community service hours need to be recorded accurately with a brief description of the activity, the date of service, and the signature and telephone number of the person supervising. Students may not perform community service for the family nor may family members sign off on community service hours.
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